Fron Frustration to Fluency: Help for Struggling Readers

Maximize Reading Growth in the Least Amount of Time

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Are you a struggling reader, a caregiver or parent of one, or an educator working with struggling readers? Are you eager to explore effective strategies to support and empower these readers?

Join us for an engaging session where you'll gain valuable insights and practical tools to help readers thrive. Happening this May 30th, 2024 11:30pm (Singapore time) or 1:30pm (Sydney Time)









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This little mini workshop is for:

  • older struggling readers from age 7 up...
  • parents and loved ones (family, friends, teachers)
  • expats living abroad
  • home/worldschoolers...
  • educators around the world

I'm Irene, an educational specialist (and parent) focused on teaching reading holistically.  It's more than words, sentences, and pages.  

I am an educational specialist with over 10 years of global experience in leading reading groups towards success. As a passionate advocate for holistic education, I specialize in co-creating immersive learning experiences that inspire and engage individuals at all levels  of the reading spectrum.  The bottom line?  Enjoyment and meaning behind your reading!  I'm also a parent to a neurodiverse learner and understand how hard it can be to get them to try.

During this workshop, we will help older struggling readers:

🔬 Explore the Science of Reading Struggles: Delve into the research behind reading difficulties and discover actionable solutions.

💡 Identify 3 Common Challenges: Equip yourself with knowledge about the hurdles facing struggling readers and learn how to address them effectively.

📘 Learn Practical "Use Today" Strategies: Gain hands-on techniques for improving comprehension and fluency that you can implement immediately.

⏳ Discover How to Maximize Reading Growth: Uncover strategies to accelerate reading progress in the shortest possible time.

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